Sergei Donatovitsch Dovlatov
(03.09.1941 - 24.08.1990)

One of the best story-teller of russian literature.


Tvardovsky, Solshenitsyn, Trifonov, Strugatsky, Ven. Yerofeyev, Brodsky, Dovlatov - this is the short list of writers, whom are dedicated extensive articles in the section "Russian Literature Of The Last Half of XX Century" of a significant reference book. (Many others deserved only a mention in the review.) I think the list is (almoust) correct. Anyway, Dovlatov is to his right there.

They say that the world of Dovlatovs stories is now just disappearing. Does it perhaps mean that the next generation wouldn't understand Dovlatov? But how do the Americans understand Dovlatov? (It is of some importance - to be published in "New-Yorker".) The don't know that world.

To my mind, Dovlatov will stay not only in that writer list, but he will be read and read with pleasure. (Remember Ilf and Petrov - their time is away too. Their books, however, are still popular.)

Again and again I read his stories. His sence of humour together with distinctive style, after all his subtle irony - that is what makes him to my favourite author.

There are some Dovlatov ressouces online.
I'd like, however to present my version of Dovlatov pages.

My objective is to provide multilingual pages about Dovlatov, to make possible the comparison and summarizing.

Dovlatov's language, his polished laconic phrases can be easier translated.

His specific rhythm, however, that creates unique feeling of reality, is not always reflected in the other language.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find online available translations of his works.

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